FOK (Fountain of Knowledge)

Fountain of Knowledge is a lifestyle brand founded on the belief that the products we use every day should be more than just functional—they should be a pleasure to use. Through a large variety of journals, FOK is committed to giving users the means to be creative and productive in trendsetting style. So whether you are a budding fashion designer, a world traveler, or anything in between, there is an FOK product for you. From the guided content of the FOK Lifestyle range to the creative freedom of FOK Freestyle, the new collection will add a special touch to your daily routine.

FOK comes with its brand new logo, youthful and trendy cover designs with attractive features such as sticker, DIY bookmark, and back pocket. Each notebook design is based on a theme that plays a big role in deciding the color theme and graphics to be used. The development process starts from research on the theme and color trend, details on the size, cover and guts/inside formats material and treatment, packaging, and pricing.