Typeface design based on the characteristic that describes me the most. My types are inspired by coffee because coffee is identical with friendly talk/conversation as people nowadays go to cafe or other places to meet up with their friends and have some coffee as their company. Endless hours of talking never gets boring with coffee.

'Espressonism' typeface is made based on the idea of playing with positive/negative space. The coffee mug and the smoke form the letter. Friendly and relaxing, just like the typeface.

'Macchiato' typeface used the colorful smoke overlapping with the coffee mug to form the letter. The curvy outline aims at giving 'friendly' personality to the typeface.

'Latte' typeface is designed through the experimentation with pattern by using the small bits of coffee smoke to form the letter. A friendly person with warm heart and easy to confide in, just like a cafe latte.