Packaging Design Brief// Create packaging for a 21st Century Scotch whisky brand that challenges category convention and rituals and appeals to an international female consumer.

Creative Challenge// The Scotch whisky packaging category is steeped in a rich history of codes and imagery. Almost all of the brands we are familiar with started way back in the 1800’s and most still echo that historical period in their physical manifestation. There is an overt theme of masculine prowess, ‘heather and weather,’ ancient castles and a world of ‘glens’ and ‘macs’ of conservative traditions. But what could an authentic, modern Scotch whisky look like in 2012? We want you to create packaging for an innovative, new brand that is firmly rooted in the 21st century, is progressive and challenges the category conventions.

Specifics// We need a name that reflects the brand’s positioning (the product is a smooth, premium blend of highland and lowland whiskies sourced from small distilleries). The physical ‘container’ is completely open to creativity (but with a respect to its sustainability). It’s time for a new generation of whisky....

Solution// In order to create a feminine touch on whiskey, we chose something that always appeal to women, which is cosmetics. From there, we narrowed down to using lipstick as a main theme and inspiration for the design of the packaging. Make up helps boost women’s confidence, power and sophistication. Lipstick is a sign of feminity and confidence. Hence, the name Svane is used as the brand name. Svane is Danish for swan, and swan is also a symbol of elegance and confidence, just like the target market for the product itself. Svane drinkers are smart, confident, sophisticated women. The packaging is inspired by the mechanism of a lipstick, where the outer body is twisted to reveal the inside, which in this case, is the bottle. this mechanism challenges the innovative side of packaging creativity, outlooking the regular box packaging that most whiskeys have.

Dimension: 32cm height for the bottle

Packaging: Aluminium

Bottle: matt metallic paint coated glass

Lipstick: matt metallic paint coated plastic

Bottle cap: plastic and cork